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After years of dreaming, in 2014 a cosy unit became available on Malt Street, Knutsford. Months of redesigning and space maximising later, our Creamery was born. Since then, our aim has been to share our love of creating fresh gelato, providing a personalised experience with every single ice cream we serve. Freshness and flavour is at the heart of everything we do, from our gelato to the fruit on our signature fruit kebabs.


All our gelato and sorbets are handmade in small batches on our premises using only the finest quality ingredients to ensure a delicious, freshly made taste. We are especially proud of our trademark real fruit flavours, which are locally sourced wherever possible and always made from the juiciest of fruits.


As an independent business, we realise we have a strong responsibility and opportunity to maximise our sustainability efforts. We are always striving to reduce our carbon emissions, with recent initiatives including:

Locally sourced ingredients

Single-use plastic FREE

Compostable tubs and milkshake cups

LED lighting

Have some ideas on how we can continue to improve our planet-friendly initiatives? We would love to hear them! Get in touch via the 'Contact Us' page.

2 scoop gelato




We're proud to be independently owned and operated. We keep the local-love-in feeling throughout The Creamery, using local suppliers and frequent collaborations with other independent local businesses. Nothing quite beats the feeling of shopping at a local, independent establishment.

2 cones of gelato



We believe some of the best things in life come from family. Whilst Alison may be the familiar face in the shop, she's lucky to be supported by her children and friends, each bringing their own independent flair. The love and care that we take with every aspect of our shop is reflected in our gelato.



There's a reason that our gelato tastes so good. We use fresh, seasonal produce, and local ingredients wherever possible. We also make many ingredients ourselves. Take our best selling honeycomb gelato- The honeycomb itself is baked in our 1 Malt Street kitchen. There are no additives or preservatives in our gelato.

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